Coed Varsity Cross Country · 2018 Disney Cross Country Classic

On October 4, 2018, 43 runners of Johns Creek’s Cross Country team headed out in one bus to Orlando to compete in the Disney Cross Country Classic meet held at the ESPN’s Wide World Of Sports facility. Runners from all over the United States were represented in this exclusive cross country meet that challenged the competitors with the 5K run, but everyone had to deal with the sweltering heat and humidity with temperatures in the high 80’s that had the runners feel of about 107 degrees!
The first group up to run were the varsity Boy’s Captain Hook division. According to head coach Danny Brock, “Jack Hoben and Max Lichtenfeld had a great race in the heat of Florida. Jack had a fantastic last half of the race with a great kick to earn a medal for 10th place.” Coach Brock added that the boys came in 8th overall.

JC Varsity Boys results:
Jack Hoben 12, 17:22
Max Lichtenfeld 12, 17:42
Jack Jennings 12, 18:07
Luca Parker 11, 18:38 New PR
Hayden Parks 9, 18:45
Will Hudgins 12, 19:04
Tyler Heydinger 12, 19:13
Xander Clark 12, 19:21
Andrew Taylor 11, 19:24
Billy Moonan 10, 19:30

The varsity Girl’s Queen of Heart’s division was up next with Brooke Mooney, Dani Blank, Agam Horowitz, Madi Wallace, and Annabelle Buchanan in the top 5. Coach Brock was happy with their 5th place finish overall.
Gladiator Girls Varsity results:
Brooke Mooney 11, 21:06
Dani Blank 11, 21:25
Agam Horowitz 10, 21:33
Madi Wallace 11, 21:41
Annabelle Buchanan 10, 22:18
Naomi Kolosna 10, 22:50
Charlotte Ferrell 10, 23:16
Ashleigh Hampson 10, 23:22 New PR
Cameron Shapiro 12, 23:52
Brooke Halak 11, 24:01
JV Boy’s Shere Khan division were led by Jack Parks for the Gladiators, while the Girl’s JV Lady Tremaine division saw Catherine Hobbs who is a dual sport athlete and plays basketball, ran first for JCHS in a time of 23:37. Coach Brock commented that the “JV boys ran in very hot conditions so I was pleased with their efforts.” He also added that “Mickey (mouse) smiled upon the JV girls with cloud cover during their race so they got a little relief. I know Ashleigh Hampson Prd. The trip was a fun bonding experience for the kids and they had a lot of fun together. We have a fantastic group of kids.”
JV Boys Shere Khan results:
Jack Parks 10, 19:01
Asa Hawkins 10, 19:35
Nicola Murvatian-Rhi 11, 20:05
Harris Morgan 12, 20:09
Connor Schoenl 12, 20:29
Nick Villar 11, 20:37
Dylan Rechtman 10, 20:41
Christian Haynes 12, 20:45 New PR
Stratton Jennings 10, 21:05
Jack Yarnall 12, 21:15
JV Girl’s Lady Tremaine results:
Catherine Hobbs 11, 23:37
Anna Conroy 12, 25:50
Priyanka Gowda 12, 25:59
Bella Spector 11, 26:14
Chloe Jones 11, 26:20
Jules Armas, 11 26:25
Jaden Fortmann 11, 26:33
Rachel Quinn 12, 27:14
Daphne Straub 12, 27:57
Madeleine Fitch 12, 27:58
Darcy Najim 12, 28:22
Alexandra jackson 11, 29:44
Ansley Parker 11, 29:58
The Gladiator XC team will head to Jasper, GA Saturday morning to compete in the Sharptop Invitational! With temperatures in the 50’s, many personal records will be taken as the runners should not have any weather impediments!