Coed Varsity Cross Country · Cross Country Region Results

The Girls Varsity Team scored a 3rd place finish at the GA Region 7 AAAAAA Championship Meet, qualifying them to compete at the State Championship Meet on Friday, November 2, 2018.

Webb Bridge Park in Alpharetta was home to the 2018 GA Region 7 AAAAAA Championship Meet. Nine schools entered runners in Varsity, JV and Open divisions, broken up into boys and girls divisions.  Webb Bridge Park is a familiar spot to JCHS runners as they do summer running along this course and had some level of familiarity with the hills. The weather was cooperative with temps in the 50s that helped all the runners.

The big news that came out of this meet was the fact the Girls Varsity team, along with three other teams are going to the State Championship meet in November. This is the third year in the row the Girls Varsity team has qualified for States.

Brooke Mooney and Madigan Wallace placed in the Top 14 at the Region Meet, earning them Region Championship Medals.

Congratulations to:  Dani Blank, Brooke Mooney, Madigan Wallace, Annabelle Buchanan, Agam Horowitz (pictured above) Charlotte Ferrell and Brooke Halak (not pictured).  Additionally the top four JV Girls finishers will travel to the State Championship Meet as alternatives: Catherine Hobbs, Priyanka Gowda, Cameron Shapiro and Ashleigh Hampson.


The top five runners of each race count towards the scoring.  Thus, each of the top five runners in their respective divisions are noted below.


Gladiator Varsity Girls finished in third place to Pope.

Brooke Mooney 21:06 12 points
Madigan Wallace 21:16 14 points
Annabelle Buchanan 21:20 15 points
Agam Horowitz 21:35 19 points
Dani Blank 21:47 22 points

Finishing next for Varsity Girls were:  Charlotte Ferrell and Brooke Halak

Gladiator Varsity Boys finished in sixth place to Pope.

Jack Hoben 17:44 18 points
Max Lichtenfeld 18:08 27 points
Jack Jennings 18:19 34 points
Luca Parker 18:45 40 points
Will Hudgins 18:53 44 points

Finishing next for Varsity Boys were:  Asa Hawkins and Tyler Heydinger

Gladiator JV Girls finished in fourth place to Cambridge


Catherine Hobbs 23:41 16 points
Priyanka Gowda 23:43 19 points
Cameron Shapiro 23:51 24 points
Ashleigh Hampson 23:55 26 points
Kaite Moore 24:29 33 points

Finishing next for JV Girls were: Naomi Kolosna, Johanna Chien, Bella Spector, Julianna Arms, Chloe Jones, Claudia Murvartian-Rhim, Lauren Bishop, Sarah White

Gladiator JV Boys finished in fourth place to Cambridge

Hayden Parks      18:15 PR* 3 points
Jack Parks 19:08 22 points
Xander Clark 19:12 24 points
Andrew Taylor 19:15 26 points
Jack Yarnall 19:22 30 points

Finishing next for JV Boys were:  Guillaume Lama-Solet, Stratton Jennings, Kolin Brandeis, Morgan Harris, Nicholas Murvartian-Rhim, Billy Moonan


Gladiator Open Girls and Boys finished in second place.

Li Chang 25:27 13 points
Ava Trankina 25:49 18 points
Abigail Minnaugh 26:38 20 points
Anna Conroy 26:44 21 points
Jaden Fortman 26:44 22 points

Finishing next were:  Lillie Hayes, Zhiqing Zhang, Lydia Coffman, Madeline Fitch, Rachel Quinn, Daphne Straub

Patrick Cho 19:57 8 points
Connor Schoenl 20:11 10 points
William Adams 20:14 12 points
Drew Peljovich 20:18 14 points
Nick Villar 20:25 17 points

Finishing next were:  Donald Mitchell, Ryan Blake, Christian Raynes, Dylan Rechtman, Samuel Hackworth, Issac Chang, Avi Spector

November 2, 2018 the Girls Varsity XC team will represent Johns Creek at States under Head Coach Danny Brock and assistant coaches Wendy Rinesmith, Billy Rinesmith, Morgan Eurek, and Dave Peck. Good luck Gladiator Girls!