Multiple Teams · Summer Workouts for Fall 2020 sports starts June 15th

Gladiator Nation,

Summer Workouts for Fall 2020 sports will start on Monday, June 15th.  We are following strict guidelines established by the Fulton County BOE based on recommendations from the GHSA, CDC, and Governors office.  For more sport specific information about workouts please contact your head coach or athletic director listed below:

Athletic Director – Jason Holcombe –

Head Football Coach – Matt Helmerich –

Head Cheer leading Coach – Bri Helms –

Head Softball Coach – Jim Crase –

Head Cross Country Coach – Danny Brock –

Head Volleyball Coach – Kirk Call –

Important things to know before your athlete can start workouts

  1. All summer workouts are completely voluntary.
  2. Not every Fall Sport will be starting workouts on June 15th.  Make sure you have talked with your head coach listed above.
  3. At this point and time; NO TRYOUTS for Cheer leading, Softball, or Volleyball will be held at any Fulton County School in the month of June.  More information to follow later on in July.
  4. You must be enrolled as a Johns Creek High School student before you can start workouts.  Rising 8th graders from feeder middle school are enrolled students.
  5. All of your physical paperwork must be completed on our new online system with DragonFly Max. CLICK HERE to learn how to create an account and upload your physical.  No athlete can start workouts until you are cleared completely in this system.
  6. Each sport is allowed one group on campus at a time.  Each group has to have 20 or less people in their group; including coaches.
  7. Coaches will be assigning your athlete to groups and designate times for them to attend workouts.  NO OUTSIDE SPECTATORS ARE ALLOWED FOR ANY WORKOUT.
  8. Coaches will complete cleaning protocols before, during, and after every workout.
  9. At the start of each workout, coaches will perform daily screening questions and temperature checks before an athlete can start a workout.
  10. Athletes must bring their own water bottle to the workouts.  All locker rooms and water fountains will be closed during all workouts.
  11. Appropriate social distancing will be followed with all workouts.
  12. There will be designated bathrooms for each group to use separately during workouts.
  13. During the month of June; all Fulton County Schools will be running conditioning and weight programs only.  No competition or sport specific equipment will be allowed during these workouts.
  14. At the completion of every workout; students are expected to leave campus or be picked up on time.  We encourage every student to change clothes and immediately shower as soon as possible after practices and activities.  All clothing worn during workouts should be washed immediately following each workout at home.

We are excited about the first phase of athletes returning to campus.  If you have any questions, please contact the head coach of your athletes sport or the athletic director.  When guidelines have changed, you will receive information from both your head coach and the athletic department on this website.

Thank you and GO GLADIATORS!!!