Gladiators News · Fan Information for Attending Johns Creek Home Football Games

Are you planning on Attending a Game in the Colosseum this Fall?

Here is what you need to know/expect when coming to the campus:

  • Game attendance is restricted.  All tickets must be purchased before you arrive on campus for the game using GoFan.  THERE ARE NO WALK-UP TICKET SALES ON CAMPUS All JCHS Athletic events for the 2020-21 school year will be cashless.  You need to download the GoFan mobile app to your phone.  No printed tickets will be accepted at the gate.  GoFan tickets can be purchased on any computer, but you will use the APP on your phone so that your ticket can be validated before you enter the game.  DO NOT VALIDATE YOUR TICKET UNTIL YOU ARRIVE AT THE GAME YOU ARE ATTENDING.  A JCHS GATE WORKER WILL HELP YOU WITH THAT PROCESS.  All GAA members have membership passes with GoFan and no cards will be issued as in previous years.  GAA members will need to download the GoFan App and follow instructions sent to you by the GAA.  

  • Their is no tailgating or large gatherings currently allowed on campus before any event.  For Varsity Football games; all gates will open at 6pm.


  • We are asking home fans to park behind the school in the back parking lot.  There will be signs pointing the way.


  • Since there is only one gate for the Visiting stands; we are asking away fans to park in front of the school.  There will be signs pointing the way.


  • Fulton County Teacher IDs are valid at the gate for entrance into the event for the one staff member.  All family members of staff must purchase a ticket in order to attend games.  GHSA passes are now digital only through the GoFan App.  They must be presented at the gate with the APP and that pass allows that individual plus 1 entrance into any event.


  • All fans need to please wear your face mask once you arrive on campus.  Mask/face coverings are a FCS requirement for all spectators at any event on campus.  You will be required to wear your mask/face coverings until you exit the facility following the game.

  • Once you arrive at the game and make your way to the gates; you will be greeted by a JCHS gate worker.  All fans will be asked screening questions and your temperature taken before you enter any game.  Once you have completed the screening process you will move to the entrance of the game and a JCHS gate worker will validate your ticket to the game.  After your ticket(s) have been validated; you are good to go and enjoy the game.

  • All of our athletic venues are currently under capacity limits for social distancing purposes.  Please sit with your family unit and make sure that children middle school age or younger remain seated with parent/guardian throughout the game.  Every other row in the stadium is marked as closed for social distancing purposes (picture below).  Please leave these rows empty and social distance as best as possible in the open rows.  There will be no standing allowed along the front rail of the stadium that is closest to the track (picture below).  After the game; we ask that all fans leave the stadium and head to your cars.  You may wait for your athlete in the parking lot.  No fans will be allowed to gather on the field or behind the stadium after the game due to social distancing requirements.  JCHS Administration, Security, and Staff will be monitoring social distancing rules during the course of the game.  We ask that you help self monitor your family so that we all can enjoy the game.


  • All concession stands are allowed to sell pre-packaged items.  No food will be prepared on site.  No outside food or drinks will be allowed inside the event.  All concession stand workers are required to wear masks and gloves.


  • If you can not attend the game; all Stadium games are broadcasted on the NFHS Network.  For a small fee that benefits the athletic program; you can watch the game online from any location in the world.  Use the link below to access the JCHS NFHS Network home page.



We are extremely excited for the opportunity to be able to play and host competitions with fans.  We know that you are excited about the events as well.  Please make sure that you are familiar with the guidelines above so that we all can enjoy the event.  Thank you for your support of JCHS and Fulton County Schools.