Gladiators News · Johns Creek will host a Fall College Signing Day on Wednesday, November 18th


While the national signing day period starts November 11th, we will be hosting our first college signing day this year at Johns Creek High School on Wednesday, November 18th in the Auditorium from 3:45 to 5pm.  Due to protocols in place for the pandemic; there are restrictions in place for signing days.  Make sure to read the guidelines below and follow all directions.

Fall 2020 College Signing Day Wednesday, November 18th from 3:45pm to 5pm.

  1. Parents and athlete must contact Coach Holcombe via email with intent to attend signing day no later than Monday, November 16th.  His email address is
  2. We will be doing sign up time spots for signing day.  We will not allow more than 6 groups into the auditorium at one time during the signing.
  3. The following restrictions will be in place for this event due to pandemic protocols:
    • Each athlete will only be allowed 5 guests to attend the event.  You must send those 5 names to Coach Holcombe after he confirms your signing time.  This does not include coaches.  We ask that the signee and all guests arrive at the same time.
    • All social distancing rules will remain in place for the event.  Masks are mandatory until the time to sign and take a picture.
    • No students other than those signing will be allowed to attend per guidelines.
    • No food or drinks will be allowed on school grounds during the signings.
    • Once you have completed your signing; you and your guests will leave the auditorium and exit the building.

We know that these are difficult times for everyone.  However we are attempting to do everything that we can to honor athletes in the Class of 2021 who are signing to play sports at the college level.  Information about future signing dates will follow later this semester and early 2nd semester.