Gladiators News · New Gladiator Team Store by Eastbay

Gladiator Nation,

We are rapidly approaching the end of the Fall 2020 semester.  Starting in January 2021; Fulton County Schools will be shifting all athletic team clothing and uniforms to Nike.  Johns Creek High School will continue to use Eastbay as its official provider of Nike.  If you are interested in in purchasing new Nike gear to support your favorite sport or athlete; please use the link below.  This link can also be found on the athletic website under the more tab and listed as Gladiator Clothing Spirit Store.  Every item is discounted to the max and includes the official Johns Creek Logo Art work.  You can order online and the item will ship directly to your home.  Under any logo where you see “sport name” you can choose the sport you would like to be on the garment or even choose athletics.  Orders normally take two weeks to batch, process, and ship.  There are also other items on this store that can be purchased as well.  Be the first cool JCHS Gladiator on the block to sport the new Nike look for 2021.

Gladiator Clothing Spirit Store