Meet Checklist

Runners should always bring the following items to a cross-country meet:

1. Race Gear

  • uniform (shorts and singlet/top)
  • warm-up gear (team gear if issued)
  • team shirt (usually worn to school on Friday and to the meet on Saturday)
  • training shoes (extra pair for comfortable post race, especially if it rains)
  • racing shoes/spikes (optional dependant on runner’s preference)
  • replacement spikes and spike wrench
  • two pairs of socks appropriate for warm-up, racing (three if it rains)
  • towel (for post-race sweat, if it rains, etc.)
  • Sports watch (verify with coach regarding use of watch before the meet)


2. Hydration and Energy:

  • It is recommended that each athlete bring two 24oz bottles of Water, Ice, or a hydration drink to every meet. (Coaches will bring orange cooler with water to refill bottle)
    • Fleet Feet sells 2 brands of Exercise hydration mixes: Scratch and Nuun. Both of these products can also be purchased on Amazon.
  • Grapes, Bananas, and Bagels will be provided by the board as a snack for athletes.
  • We encourage athletes to pack some additional food items as well.
    • Zone Bars, Cliff Bars, Luna Bars, Power Bars, or any energy bar that you prefer
    • Trail Mix
    •  Fruit


3. For Overnight Meets:

  • Toiletries (shampoo, deodorant, toothbrush & paste, etc.)
  • A good pillow (always nice to have on the bus ride to local meets as well)


4. As conditions require:

  • Sunscreen (in the summer and early season)
  • Cold-weather gear; Stocking Cap, Gloves, etc. (especially late in the season)
  • Bug repellant (late summer)
  • Additional clothing, poncho, etc. for rainy conditions


All non-perishable or refrigerated items should be PACKED up the night before for all early morning bus rides. (The buses do not wait for you!) All perishables and refrigerated items should be organized in a way that they are easy to collect and head out the door.