Why join GAA?

Gladiators Athletic Association – Why GAA?

 The Gladiators Athletic Association is the overarching school booster club with a non-profit 501c3. All team clubs utilize the GAA 501c3 to be able to sustain as separate teams.  Without the GAA, it is costly for any club to secure the non-profit status.  The GAA works with clubs and coaches to identify areas of support and works to fund such measures.  We support capital improvement projects that go beyond the basic needs throughout all sports. Our board is currently developing a 3 to 5 year capital improvement strategic plan across all athletic programs!

It is important to note that for any membership to GAA, 85% of the donation amount can be allocated directly back to your athletic club(s) of choice.  The GAA operating budget is sustained with only 15% of membership fees and any additional GAA non-specific sports sponsorships.

In conjunction with the Athletic Department, our board is currently developing a 3 to 5 year capital improvement strategic plan across all athletic programs to help fund projects that the Athletic Department budget alone cannot cover.  Your membership is critical to those efforts!

What are examples of expenses GAA has covered in recent years:

  • The GAA made the initial investment for all athletic departments to begin the successful creation of all of the sports we compete in today
  • Lights for the tennis courts
  • The recent weight room expansion
  • Assistance in uniform purchases
  • Coming Soon!The 2019 appropriations include the installation of a new stadium digital board where sponsors, ads, information can be alternated depending on the season or team.  This will represent a great opportunity for our stadium sports to increase their sponsor goals.

 How does GAA benefit my family?

  • Our non-profit status makes your donation tax deductible – (please consult your tax advisor for details)
  • You can choose the level that best fits the size of your family and how often your family members attend sports at JCHS. Review the membership levels for details.
  • By joining at the beginning of the year you will have the opportunity to take advantage of attending all home regular season events for the entire school year at the Gladiator level and above.
  • You will be helping ALL sports programs at JCHS to have access to needed funds under a non-profit entity.
  • Expedited entry into home football games.

What you can expect from GAA this year:

        ~ Timely Responses        ~ Seamless Admission into games        ~ Treasury Support         ~ Open Communication

For payment by check, please print out and mail:

GAA Membership Form

For online payments:

GAA PayPal Membership Form